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Breast Implant Syndrome

Are you experiencing fatigue, aching joints, or foggy brain and not sure why?

Could your symptoms be caused by your breast implants?

Breast implants illness (BII), also called Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA), is something I was not familiar with until a patient brought it to my attention a few years back. She had done a ton of research and was waiting to get in for her explant surgery and wanted support until then. Well, fast forward to today and not only am I seeing BII more often as a complaint in my patients, I’m also seeing it more commonly in news articles and thought it would be a good idea to share what I know about it. BII can be caused by any and all types of breast implants, regardless of whether they are saline or silicone, their shape, or surface texture. According to data that was collected from 2008 – 2019, the average time it takes for symptoms to show up is 4.9 years and average age of patients is 43 years old.

Symptoms of breast implant illness include:

• Fatigue • Brain fog • Headaches • Hair loss • Anxiety • Depression • Sleep disturbance • Muscle and joint pain • GI issues • Dryness of mouth and eyes

For many women, these symptoms may be brushed off as hormonal changes, signs of aging or even just stress, but these symptoms can actually be a reaction to the chemicals from their implants. BII should not be ignored. When our body is reacting to foreign substances in the body, it is signaling that there is trouble and if left untreated, BII can lead to autoimmune disease.

What causes breast implant illness? From what I can find, we don’t really know what the cause is or why it affects some women and not others but there does seem to be a consensus within the medical community where they have found women with family or personal history of autoimmune disease, IBS, migraines, and chronic fatigue can be more susceptible to these reactions.

How do know if you are suffering from BII? There are other illnesses that present with similar symptoms and they will need to be ruled out before getting a proper “diagnosis”. Finding an experienced plastic surgeon and a community you can reach out to is a step in the right direction. A good resource to begin your quest to find more information including doctors that can help, is Facebook. There are thousands of women out there that have come together out of a shared experience to help each other find answers. Treatment for Breast Implant Illness is explant surgery or the removal of your implants along with any scar tissue capsulations that have formed. Finding a doctor and support group to learn more about this can be very helpful in understanding your symptoms.

Facebook groups: Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole 159k members Breast Implant Detox and Healing 10k members Breast Implant Illness and Problems – Texas 6.3k members

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