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How Sunlight Can Enhance Your Libido

The Sexy Sunrise

TTC (trying to conceive) can sometimes take the wind out of our sails. It is hard to find the passion in our relationships when timing ovulation is also on our mind. One way to reinvigorate that passion could be as simple as watching the sunrise together.

The gift of a beautiful sunrise is something we don’t often see when living in the city; blocked by homes and buildings and whatnot. Something so powerful, so good for us, and free to enjoy if we choose to make the time. In Chinese medicine we would call the morning sun’s energy a form of yang energy. Yang energy is vibrant and warm, it is the energy that calls us to action, to perform, to move, and to get things done. The ancient wisdom of our medicine recognized and understood the importance of cycles and our connectedness to these cycles and how they impact our health. Sunrises are not just pretty to look at they also are necessary for good health. You may already be aware of the connection of the sun cycle to our circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle) but did you know witnessing the sunrise can also get us in the mood? Research shows that people who were exposed to the morning sunlight have increased testosterone levels and improved libido which can be very helpful when TTC. So get out tomorrow morning and every morning after. Enjoy the power of our sunrises with your partner. Let the light shine on your face and in your eyes as you welcome the start to a new day. It will also help you sleep better. Win-win!

In good health & happiness,


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