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Overcoming secondary infertility and miscarriages!

Words can’t express how thankful I am to have found Emily and to have had her on my care team over the past few years. When I came to Emily in January of 2021, my husband and I had been struggling with unexplained secondary infertility and multiple miscarriages. I was in the midst of processing and recovering from a recent miscarriage after an IUI that turned out to be a partial molar pregnancy. Working with Emily during this time was truly life-changing. Over the course of several months (while I was on doctor-ordered “pause” on trying to conceive while being monitored after our molar pregnancy), she supported me both physically and emotionally to overcome feelings of brokenness and helped me restore trust in my body. I’ll never forget a sign she has hanging in one of her patient rooms that reads “Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has allowed you to believe.” Through working with her, this resonated so deeply with me as she was able to identify (from a mile away!) imbalances I was dealing with and how we could work together to address them. Things that were never even discussed while working with my RE for 10+ months. The care I experienced with her was so much more thoughtful, comprehensive, and root-cause focused than the care I had received from any other healthcare professional. It was truly a night and day difference and I knew that I had found the approach that would eventually help me achieve a healthy pregnancy. Emily is truly an expert at her craft and is also incredibly knowledgeable in all things functional medicine and nutrition. She is also an incredibly kind and caring person and works so hard to help her clients achieve their health goals. She was the first person I contacted (even before my midwife) when I found out I was pregnant (naturally!) in May 2022. I knew how supportive her care would be while working through my anxiety during the first trimester and our sessions were so helpful that I saw her often throughout my entire pregnancy. She was able to help with everything from nausea, to random aches and pains, to preparing my body for labor. I was able to have the unmedicated, physiological birth I desired and now have an absolute dream of a baby and I credit having Emily’s support to having such an amazing birth experience and healthy pregnancy. It was truly a privilege to work with her and I am looking forward to coming up with excuses to continue to see her for appointments in the future. I would recommend working with her to anyone (and everyone) I know!

Resolving pain associated with endometriosis!

Emily has helped me in more ways that I can describe from preparing for surgery, recovering from surgery and helping with my endometriosis pain! She is truly an amazing acupuncturist and provider. You can tell she cares about you and helping you feel your best! She asks what my symptoms are each time and takes all that into account as she creates a treatment plan for each session. I leave feeling better and am amazed every time about how my pain is relieved after my visits! Her clinic truly is amazing and I always look forward to going!

Acupuncture for extreme menstrual pain!

Emily has truly helped me get my life back. I was experiencing extreme menstrual pain, headaches, ovarian cysts, and other discomfort. I tried many different medications under different doctors but never found the answer to these issues until starting acupuncture. Emily coached me on a better nutrition plan for my needs, provided supplements, and created a treatment plan to help my body get to a more stable place. I'm no longer experiencing pain, my anxiety decreased tremendously, and I experience an easier menstrual cycle now. Emily is kind, caring, attentive, and nonjudgmental. I was so nervous to start acupuncture, but I've had the best experience with Emily!

Acupuncture for menopausal symptoms!

I am over 50 (closer to 60), I’ve had a complete hysterectomy; and deal with low energy, depression, bladder issues and a myriad of complications from fibromyalgia.  I was referred to Emily by my PTSD/Depression therapist.  I was very nervous about being poked with needles but was seeking a noninvasive treatment, as little help is available through traditional medicine without creating additional negative issues.  It’s as if I’ve won Publisher’s Clearing House jackpot!  My outlook, attitude, energy level and bladder conditions, all are improved.  Emily is detailed in collecting initial appointment information and takes a thorough  inventory of past wellness history, combined with current problems suffered.  On each follow up appointment, she tracks improvement and alters treatment where needed.  Her office is warm, friendly, private and calming.  Emily makes me feel like I am the only client she is working on that day.  After each appointment, I feel like I had a massage.  It is that refreshing and calming!  If you need help and you are seeking affordable, noninvasive treatment; if you are tired of being tired, Emily is your ticket!  She is a skilled practitioner for any decade of life you are in, and treats much more than fertility problems.  She rocks!  And p.s., It doesn’t hurt at all.

Acupuncture for overall well-being and hormonal balance

Emily is an incredible wealth of information and has truly made a difference in my life and well-being. She is detail-oriented, an intent listener and incredibly knowledgeable. I felt comfortable with her from the first minute we met and continually over the past year that I have been seeing her. Her practice is so much more than just acupuncture. She focuses on holistic health, diet, exercise, sleep and stress management with changes that are very doable and minimally disruptive to everyday life. I cannot recommend her enough!


I have been waiting to write this review since the moment I met Emily in December 2016 and let me tell you----worth the wait!!!
My husband and I came off of birth control shortly after getting married in December of 2015, (February 2016, if you want to be exact) my cycles were a disaster and my hormones were all over the place, after 6 months of no medical intervention, my OB finally put me on Clomid to force my body to get with the program and start having a monthly cycle again, I did that for 3 months (cycles) and still wasn't pregnant so got referred to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). 
Did 2 cycles with the RE, both with Clomid and IUI (Goggle it is you're not familiar with the terms) still nothing. At this point, I was over living my life by charting and medical intervention and wanted to take a more relaxed approach with the overall hope that my body would just level out and start doing what it needed to on its own, without Western medical intervention. 
An avid Yelper and Google search enthusiast, I'd been doing my own research on acupuncture and the positive affects it could have on a woman's reproductive health and fertility, and decided to see what the Dallas community had to offer on Fertility Acupuncturists. Emily popped up at the top on the list and her reviews were amazing, I was immediately intrigued. 
I made my first appointment with Emily for my final cycle with my RE (December 2016) and after meeting with Emily for one session, knew she was in and the RE I'd been seeing was out. 
Emily advised during my initial consultation that it could take 3 full cycles with her, doing weekly treatments to fully 'reset' my hormones to the point where they were working properly on their own in order for me to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy. 
I ended up getting pregnant on my third cycle with Emily (end of February 2017), and then continued with the advised treatments through the end of my first trimester (end of May 2017). 
Emily's advice and knowledge of a woman's reproductive health is what makes her so very special, in my personal opinion, because when you're trying to get pregnant, it's not just the 'why isn't this working' behind it, it's the 'THIS is why it's not working', and Emily comes in and helps you understand that and course corrects the underlining issues that can cause a woman to not to not achieve pregnancy on her own. 
Emily takes the time to truly listen, and answer questions, I never felt rushed, or like I was on an 'assembly line' of trying to get knocked up, much the way I did at with the RE. When I had questions, Emily had answers, when I cried, Emily had Kleenex, when I celebrated my first positive pregnancy test, Emily called to congratulate and celebrate with me----name a healthcare professional you've ever worked with that does that---they don't, Emily is truly one of a kind and a TREASURE to the Dallas community and the woman and families she serves here. 
If you're kicking around the idea of fertility treatments, do yourself a favor and budget your finances to include fertility acupuncture (with Emily of course!), it will change your life, not many other things in this world that I can truly say have done that; I am so incredibly thankful I found Emily when I did and she was able to change mine. 
And for anyone still reading that's been keeping up on the math, my husband and I are due December 2017 and could not be more excited! From the bottom of both our hearts: THANK YOU EMILY for our little miracle, we are thrilled to be on this journey because of all you do!!!

Emily is the best!  

Not only I am feeling differently with more energy and noticeable changes but she is also the sweetest. It is clear that she loves what she does and cares very much for her patients wellbeing. She practices fertility Acupuncture and has a lot of experience. She takes her time with her patients and you feel so very much relaxed afterwards. Every time I go I fee so relaxed I always fall asleep in my acupuncture session!! Great for recharging your batteries on a week day


An absolute life changer

Not only is she the only person to make a breakthrough with my pain and spinal/disc issues, but she is the most caring health practitioner I have ever worked with. Considerate, caring, and a genuinely beautiful soul, with the knowledge to back it up. She was able to address issues I had no vocalized within 10 minutes of talking to her, all the while no other practitioner had been able to address the same issues after months of me trying to explain them. I honestly don't trust another person with my health the way I trust Emily and her opinions and practice. Thank you for everything you do! A.S.

I am thrilled to share my experience with Emily

...she is truly heaven sent!! My husband & I were faced w/secondary infertility & after several yrs, approx eight years of failed attempts, while experiencing every emotion possible, including an emotional roller coaster full of  anticipation to disappointment... year after year, cycle after cycle, and even after months of following an infertility specialist's regime, we were one step away from reconsidering trying to conceive a sibling for our 13yo son.  While up on night searching the internet, I stumbled upon info re: the high success rate of acupuncture for infertility.  My search continued for just the right acupuncturist & I was intrigued by the reviews I found online about Emily...and lets just say 5 out of 5 stars isn't nearly enough to rate her acclaimed sensitivity, professionalism and coupled w/her vast amount of knowledge & great sense of humor made this difficult journey more bearable w/each encouraging word she offered, her listening ear & her smile was an added bonus!  ;-)   After a very short time of scheduled appointments, each cycle showed improvement towards our goal of conception & I'm elated to share we are now the proud parents of a healthy & handsome two month old baby boy!!  Needless to say, I highly recommend Emily for anyone faced w/the challenge of infertility. She's also versed in other areas that u, too, might find her to be helpful.  Eight thumbs up for Emily!!  ;-) (Two thumbs up from everyone in our home, including our newest addition.)  ;-) Shannan P.

Struggling with infertility

 If you struggle with infertility, you know that the journey to conceive is such a tough and emotional road. I worked with Emily in December of 2012 through my conception via minimal stimulation IVF in July 2013. I cannot imagine navigating that process without the treatments and emotional support that I got from Emily.  She is truly a professional and helped me take on setbacks and stay positive throughout the process. With her guidance, I modified my diet, added supplements, and had weekly acupuncture sessions.  When it came time for my embryo transfer, she was so invested in my success that she came into the office on her off hours to treat me. I believe that all of these factors contributed to my successful IVF procedure at 41 years old.

The hardest part about working with Emily is saying goodbye to her when I entered my second trimester!

If you are trying to conceive, I strongly suggest working with Emily.


Relief from chronic allergies

For the past several years my allergies had gotten progressively worse and the only thing that worked was taking a pill every day. I started being treated by Emily in December of this past year with the NAET system; it didn’t take long after I started receiving treatments that a lot of my symptoms cleared up. Even now, more than 4 months after my last treatment, my allergies are still clear day in and out. Emily is extremely professional and I had a fantastic experience being treated by her. NAET really works! D. C.

Life changing!

Before coming to see Emily Guevara, my husband and I had been trying to become pregnant for about a year and a half. I had a pregnancy in the past doing fertility medications, but it ended in a miscarriage. Soon after our loss, we decided to try goin natural. I changed my diet and started reading up on all the factors that affect fertility. After about four months, we still had no success. I was diagnosed with PCOS and was

not ovulating on my own. We decided to have a consult with Emily for acupuncture and within the first few minutes, I could tell that she truly wanted to help us begin our little family. She made me feel like more than just a patient. Her confidence truly gave

me the courage to keep trying and not give up. After one cycle of combining

acupuncture and fertility medications, we didn't have success. I, of course, blame the meds! But then the first cycle that we did with acupuncture and herbs resulted in successful ovulation. Emily asked that we give her three cycles before moving on. When our third cycle came, sure enough, we conceived! I continued treatment through the first trimester for miscarriage prevention, and so far things are still looking great! Emily has changed our lives and I am so glad to have met her. The only regret I have is not coming to her sooner. Not only did she do something for us that otherwise wouldn't have been possible, but she also helped out members of my family. My husband was having lots of stress issues, and Emily gave him some herbs that took care of it in no time. My mother also saw her for issues with pain in her foot. We all couldn't be happier with our results and Emily Guevara is definitely recommended to everyone who is having fertility issues.

By Helen Redman

Thank you Emily and NAET
To Whom It May Concern: I want to wholeheartedly thank Emily Guevera at Metta Oriental Medicine, who cured my son of major allergies and alleviated his digestive problems; plus gave us a long term plan for treatments that we are hopeful will lead to a complete cure of all his allergies.
Let me give you some background: I am normally a complete skeptic on these type of treatments. I looked up Metta Oriental Medicine in Dallas based on the testimonials of two doctors I respected:
#1 Dr. David Brownstein (an MD who writes a medical health report through Newsmax and is the author of many self help medical books) noted his clinic used NAET and he had personally observed the method to be “effective” as an “accupressure treatment designed to diagnose and treat food and environmental allergies”. [Feb 2014 newsletter, p8]
#2 Dr. Jospeh Mercola (who runs the #1 alternative health website in the world), said his research and observations showed NAET worked. His theory was that the treatment probably works by resetting the autonomic nervous system.
While researching NAET over the internet, I read testimonials by people raving how NAET cured them of their asthma and allergies. On the other side, were skeptics who warned these people merely “thought” they were being helped. Their reasoning was there was no known mechanism how NAET could work. (Of course this used to also be the official medical view of acupuncture.)
Warning: NAET does indeed appear very hippy dippy when you start. On my first visit, my husband asked me if I was crazy and getting into crystal gazing. I held firm and replied I knew two doctors I respected who said NAET worked, and that was good enough for me.And both of us are now very glad I held firm. The results were amazing!On the first visit, Emily tested my son, and found allergies we knew bothered him, plus new ones we didn’t know about. She also treated my son for his GERD/reflux on the first visit – which alleviated his reflux the first day (but we needed additional treatments for this.)My son’s digestive problems had created a very large number allergies. We were literally at Whole Foods the day before the first appointment, trying to figure out ANY foods he could eat without bloating and breaking out with eczema on his hands while he scratched furiously. It was a nightmare.After the second visit and waiting period, my son could eat eggs again without being bothered (ever again as of this writing). We went through the other treatments as well, and found my son now being able to increasingly add new foods he could eat.Unfortunately my son was only visiting in Dallas a short time, so has had to continue his treatment out of the country. Emily gave us tips how to continue the treatment –--even though she and her clinic was not getting a dime from this. That’s how confident they were the treatment would work. After talking to my son recently, he happily told me every one of the treatments by Emily has held.I cannot recommend Emily enough. She was extremely kind, gentle, and patient, while my son was asking her a myriad of questions about the procedure.Through NAET, Emily completely cured my son’s allergies that were treated for; and gave us a long term plan for a complete cure from all his other allergies over time. I cannot thank her and NAET enough! I wish we could clone her. Sincerely, P.P.

IVF success!
I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Emily for over a year now.  When I first met Emily I was prepping for an IVF cycle and I was very discouraged and scared.  At my first appointment, Emily spent a lot of time getting to know me, my background, my emotions, my body, my infertility history, etc.  I could tell she really cared about her patients and this was more than just a job to her.  Even at all of my one year plus subsequent treatments, Emily made sure she understood what was going on in my infertility journey and what specific issues I was facing at the time of the appointment.  She always made me feel relaxed and comfortable to talk to her, regardless of how personal the issue was that I was facing.  I continue to be amazed at how much better I feel after my appointments and how positively my body responds to her treatments.  I am thrilled to report that I now have a little one on the way and I know that I would not be able to say this without the help of Emily.  When I found out the good baby news, I could not wait to share it with Emily, as she has turned into one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders!  Emily is truly one of the best in her field and I am so grateful to have found her…too bad it wasn’t sooner! L.W.

Highly recommended!
"Emily came highly recommended to me from the two infertility support groups I've been a part of over the last couple of years.  Even then it took me awhile to make an appointment which of course now I wish I had gone as soon as I'd heard about her.  Meeting with Emily the first time put me at ease completely.  Her knowledge of reproductive medicine combined with her compassionate manner were exactly what I needed.  Sometimes people say they know about infertility but when you start to talk with them it's clear they don't know as much as you expected, but that was not the case with Emily.  Her depth of knowledge and understanding of reproductive medicine and everything I was explaining I'd been through and going to try was very reassuring.  Infertility is a hard enough path to travel and I needed someone with Emily's expertise and kindness helping me.  I think what really stuck out to me and what I've heard everyone mention is the way that Emily truly cares for her clients.  I felt very taken care of when I was in her office for an appointment and also on days I didn't see her.  She goes the extra mile with the support she offers, and I think it's just part of who she is and how she lives her life.  I can't say enough good things about Emily and am so glad that I've been in her care for the last year." K.B.

Positive and successful!
I would like to tell you about my positive and successful experience working with Emily Guevara. My husband and I unsuccessfully tried to become pregnant for three years. We started seeking medical help from reproductive endocrinologists as well as seeking a professional acupuncturist with a specialization in the treatment of infertility. We were so fortunate to find Emily. Emily has thoroughly managed my treatment and worked cooperatively with my doctors for the past year. Emily truly listens to her patients and adjusts and tailors the acupuncture treatments to meet the patient’s needs. I am now nine months pregnant with very healthy twin girls due in part to Emily’s skill. Emily started treating and prepping my body for pregnancy for several months before I had an in-vitro. Emily also treated other minor ailments that I no longer suffer from during this time. Emily was always available to perform the necessary acupuncture treatments that are incredibly time sensitive during the lengthy in-vitro process. I’m convinced that the excellent treatments Emily gave me contributed to the implantation of the two healthy embryos that will be our children. I decided to continue acupuncture for the duration of my pregnancy. Emily’s treatments during these sessions focused more on preventing pre-term labor.  Again, Emily provided treatments that worked for me! I have not had pre-term labor or any other pregnancy complications. I feel that Emily has helped me avoid bed rest that is common during twin pregnancy. I have even been able to teach first grade for my entire pregnancy!  Her treatments are gentle and she is a calming influence. I feel she is an expert in her field and know Emily is continually seeking more education to better serve her patients. I feel a trust for her skill that can’t be matched. The quality of your life will be improved if you use Emily as your acupuncturist. My husband and I will always be grateful for her dedication to her patients and practice. Sarah Pittenger

Amazing Experience! 
I met Emily the week I was starting IVF. I thought I was too late in starting the process but when I met her I knew I had to join her regardless. She is really warm and spends a lot of time with you to know you.
She was actually my emotional vent and I used to share even small things about my treatment  what I used to feel. Needless to say, she was always calm, patient and she will make you feel that she is really there for you.
I cannot say enough good things about her. I would recommend her to anyone who is attempting at IVF. My cycle was successful and I continued her through my 1st trimester... A.D.

Plantar Fascitis relief
My daughter was a patient of Emily's and she was the one that suggested I go see her for my foot pain. I had been experiencing this problem for many years and had seen many doctors about it but all they seemed to be able to offer me was a steroid shot that only temporarily took care of the pain. My daughter spoke so highly of Emily, I thought well it couldn't hurt. After the first treatment I notice I was able to stand and walk for a longer than I have been able to in years! I completed 6 more treatments, my last treatment being 6 months ago, and to this day the pain has not come back! S.B.

We love Emily!
My husband and I tried for 2 years to become pregnant without any success. We were tired and frustrated and about to give up when I finally made the decision to try acupuncture and go to see Emily. She was a godsend! Her calming manner and knowledge made us feel so much more confident about our decision. Today we are proud parents of a very energetic 13 month old boy. All I can say is thank you Emily, thank you for all your help and support!

Basketball injury
I had a sports injury from my basketball league and went to see Emily for the pain on a recommendation from a friend.
She was amazing to say the least. I had landed on my back during a rebound and it hurt to walk, sit, or just plain move before I went in. Right after my first treatment, I could start moving around much better without so much pain. After a couple more sessions and some great tips Emily shared with me, I was back on the court in no time. O.F.

Feeling great!
I can into Emily's office bent over in pain. My abdomen was very tender to the touch and I was so bloated I couldn't move. Emily believed it had something to do with my liver and gallbladder. She pressed a couple of places on my abdomen and put in a few needles and the pain began to dissipate. After six session the pain and bloating were gone for good and I feel great. She is so gentle and kind. I never felt the needles going in and I even fell asleep during the treatment. Thank you, Emily!

Relief from nausea
I was having a serious bout of nausea that completely incapacitated me. I could not move without feeling extreme nausea. I had big plans for the day which included taking my wife and twin boys swimming. After I had decided to cancel my plans, I was lucky enough to run into Emily. She asked me if I would be interested in a short treatment to relieve my nausea, to which I gladly accepted. Im so glad I did, I was up within 15 minutes and I was able to spend time with my wife and sons at the pool. Emily absolutely saved the day and I would highly recommend her for any situation.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Once my husband and I decided we wanted to start trying for a baby and I got off of the pill, each cycle would get longer and longer in duration. 35 days, 42 days, 65 days. Once i had the 82 day cycle, we decided that we needed some help. Its very hard to get pregnant when you have no idea when you ovulate. I met with Emily and told her my story and she immediately put me at ease. After I left my consult, i sat in my car and cried because I finally felt like there was someone and something out there that could help. We started with a 3 month treatment plan that included acupunture 2x a week and herbs. I was suprised at how relaxing the treatment really was. So much so, that i actually counldn't wait for each session. After the 3month treatment cycles were definately shortening and becoming more regular. We continued with another 3 month plan and halfway through that plan i got pregnant!! WOOHOO!! Emily then treated me through my first trimester to help me with morning sickness and fatigue. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and going strong! The day Emily released me, I cried because I just love her so much. She really helped me through an emotional time and you will not find a more calming spirit in a person. She is a gift from above. I do not have enough thank you's in the world to express my gratitude to her. It took three people to make this baby: me, my husband and Emliy!! I would recommend her to ANYONE in need of fertility or reproductive help. I cannot wait to bring the baby by to meet her!



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