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How Living Simply Can Keep Us Healthy

Cycles, cycles everywhere we look!

We are all part of nature's beautiful cycles. Nature's intelligent is in its doing. What do I mean by this? Nature just does its thing without complications or conviction. It just is. Trees just are, without second guessing themselves. Nature knows its role and we are part of nature, we are part of this cycle. Our good health is too. It's when we disrupt these cycles with poor dietary choices, bad sleep habits, lack of movement, poor hydration and negative self talk that we get into dysfunction and dis-ease. So if your goals for the new year are to get healthy and get pregnant, start here. 💤 Follow a good sleep routine. 🥕 Eat 3 square meals daily, preferably healthy and whole foods. 💧Drink your 80-100 ounces of clean water 🚲 Move daily 🧘🏽‍♀️ Start a practice of gratitude. The positive results will start rolling in. Be like a tree and don't overthink things.

With much love & gratitude for you,


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